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Uvula Industries has been the premier name in prosthetic

uvulas since 1946. We have helped millions of formerly

uvulaless individuals lead normal and productive lives as a

result of our breakthroughs in uvula replacement technology.


Our founder, Dr. Chumbley J. Greenblatt, was himself born

without a uvula. At the age of 13, he developed a crude version

of the first artificial uvula for his junior high school science fair.

He received a failing grade, but the young Chumbley Greenblatt

vowed to make it his life's ambition to perfect his false uvula. In

the winter of 1942, he applied for and received the first patent

for an artificial uvula in history. When the U.S. Department of

War heard of Dr. Greenblatt's success, they employed him to produce his unique prosthetics for the American troops in the European and Pacific theaters. At the end of the war, Dr. Greenblatt received a special commendation from President Truman for his invaluable service in the war effort.


It was in the prosperity of post-war America that the company was born. The enterprise has grown from a one-man operation in Dr. Greenblatt's garage to the multi-national conglomerate that is Uvula Industries. Through aggressive corporate diversification, UI has branched into the areas of hemorrhoid cream production (Preparation U), fiberoptic communications (UT&T) and family entertainment (UvulaWorld theme parks). As we begin a new millennium, Uvula Industries will be there to continue to pave the way in uvula prosthetics well into the 21st century.




Uvula Industries continues to be a leader in the manufacture of prosthetic uvulas, as well as developing other state-of-the-art products to help mankind. Click the link below to learn more about the exciting things UI has to offer.




Whether it's using your high-speed UT&T wireless and internet services or enjoying a family holiday at one of our UvulaWorld theme parks, UI has become an important part of our lives. Click the link below for more information about the many ways we are making life better.

2024 Uvula Games



The 2024 Uvula Games will be held in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. For more information about being a competitor or volunteer, or just to learn the many great things about Intercourse, click the link below.

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"It is through the grace of Uvula Industries and the fine people who work there that I am able to live a normal uvula-filled life. Before I became aware of UI I had no uvula, no friends, no romantic life and no fancy hats. After my successful prosthetic uvula attachment surgery, I now have the confidence to buy a fancy hat. Thank you, Uvula Industries!" - Chauncey B. Aubergine

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